Award Winning Aquila Hematology Analyzer Hematology Analyzer

Maform Design Studio Presents The Aquila Hematology Analyzer Hematology Analyzer

Maform Design Studio, the maker of the displayed design hematology analyzer by Maform Design Studio spells out, This cleverly and beautifully designed device has the ability to speed up the clinical practice of blood testing and reduce healthcare c <Cropped>

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Sales Center by Waterfrom and Lsdcasa

Waterfrom and Lsdcasa Portrays The Cr City Crossing Sales Center

WATERFROM and LSDCASA, the architect of the displayed work Sales Center by WATERFROM and LSDCASA explicates, LSD trying to make the installations in the space a “bridge” that uses the relationship between natural light and materials to connect <Cropped>

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Near East Redesign-Food Packaging by Pepsico Design & Innovation

Pepsico Design & Innovation Illustrates The Near East Redesign Food Packaging

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the project leader of the award winning work Award Winning Near East Redesign Food Packaging explains, The new Near East is founded in a singular brand design idea, executed across identity and packaging. This establi <Cropped>

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Pplusp Studio 2 by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Pplusp Studio 2 Corporate Design

The thinktank behind the displayed design Corporate Design by Acclaimed Designer explains, Walking into this expanded studio, there is a long corridor to invite the guests entering the reception area. Taking off your shoes and change into slippers, t <Cropped>

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The O-Handbag by Anna Moraitou

Anna Moraitou Portrays The The O Handbag

Anna Moraitou, the designer of the displayed project handbag by Anna Moraitou explains, Wooden surfaces that are rarely used in fashion, create new forms and shapes. Wood, as a rigid material, retains the shape of the bag in contrast to the fabric wh <Cropped>

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Future Oven Design

Anodica and Desall Invite You to Envision The Oven of The Future, Suggesting New Functional and Aesthetic Solutions Related to The Main Components of The Oven’s Front Interface: Handle, Knobs and Product Design Contest On Anodic

Anodica and desall invite you to envision the oven of the future, suggesting new functional and aesthetic solutions related to the main components of the oven’s front interface: handle, knobs and profiles.New product design contest on a <Cropped>

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The Encode by Devesh Pratyay

Devesh Pratyay Creates The The Encode Club

Devesh Pratyay , the author of the displayed work The Encode by Devesh Pratyay points out, Encode is inspired from the the movie Matrix in a literal interpretation that is reflected in the binary code etched into mirror with green back light. The pri <Cropped>

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Arco by Cristian Sporzon

Cristian Sporzon Discloses The Arco Bed

Cristian Sporzon, the thinktank behind the awarded work Award Winning Arco Bed says, Arco was born from the idea of infinity, it is made of wood, a natural material that gives to the project a particular warm feature. By the shape of its structure, p <Cropped>

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Design Hotel Navis by Ivan Dilberovic

Ivan Dilberovic Presents The Design Hotel Navis Signage and Branding

Ivan Dilberovic, the designer of the highlighted project Award Winning Design Hotel Navis Signage and Branding demonstrates, Hotel Navis is a 5 star design hotel, situated in Opatija, Croatia. The hotel has 44 rooms and each of them has the sea view <Cropped>

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Andrea Cingoli's Xtension Multifunctional Light

Andrea Cingoli Demonstrates The Xtension Multifunctional Light

Andrea Cingoli, the lead designer of the award winning work Multifunctional light by Andrea Cingoli illustrates, Xtension is the first completely adjustable lamp in all its forms. It can extend and retract and be fastened to uneven surfaces thanks to <Cropped>

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